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From the author

Hi, my name is Ronelie Palaca, you can call me Ron or lady purple. I made this blog to promote financial literacy. I believe that through financial literacy, one can manage properly personal finances. Thus, this motivates everyone who are dreaming to become an entrepreneur or be a millionaire someday.

Here's my short story, I was taught to be poor. I studied business management to know more in handling business and its flows, so I could be a business woman and be rich. However, after I finished studies, I realized that there’s no way I can be rich if I don’t own a business worth millions. My business dream requires millions of capital. To think that I came from a family who knows only to be employees, there’s no way they could earn millions. Setting aside my dream, I managed others business to learn more of the tricks. However, I was suddenly awaken from a deep sleep realizing that the more I manage the business which is not mine, the richer the owner. I felt that I was lacking of something. I had to review more on business studies. I had to incorporate all important information that connects business including accounting and finance studies. I took finance studies online to get a glimpse of idea on how I could use them more on personal decisions not just in business. The idea was there already but it wasn’t taught directly how I could benefit the idea in finance to personal circumstances. Until I’ve learned that there are more ways to get money in the future even without capital to create new business and that is, INVESTING. I say investing in different ways: real estate, insurance, existing business, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and other securities.

Logically thinking, you need money in order to invest. I had to use the idea in accounting for my personal finances: cost-cutting and budgeting. It was hard at first to control my finances where I have to limit my wants to make use of the budget available, until I’m used to it. Now that I can see the progress in my finances, all the hard work and discipline were worth it. Whenever you see your hundreds of thousands of investments will make profit of millions in 5-10 years, the sacrifice you’ve made from taking off the wants, you’ll get them more in the future. Every time you get closer to your dream, you have the motivation to live every day as you’re looking forward to it.          

I will make time to write and post a topic at least once a week. In addition, I will take time to interview successful people in terms of their finances and goal in life. Such information will be posted upon their permission.

It’s really nice to share everybody’s success story so we can be motivated and continue our dreams and make them a reality. If you have a success story, you are encouraged to contact me to get your story posted at learningbusinesstoday.blogspot.com.

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