Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Help people and be a friend- Tips for marketing online

I know the feeling of doing everything to market a product online to get sales. You almost lie what’s in the product just to get the public attention. There are some things you’ve done to fool people; sometimes it works, sometimes not. But, have you asked yourself like this “if people would found out the fact about the product, what can it does to you”? Would you lose your reputation? Would people trust you again?

Marketing, especially online needs reputation. It needs more time to build reputation. Results can’t be seen in a day or night. It will take time to communicate more people until you get the right prospect.

People don’t see you in person, and they are always adamant on any offers online. So, if you wish to get sales, don’t rush to it. Build your NETWORK and REPUTATION. You have to represent yourself before you share your product. Hence, providing facts about yourself and by sharing what you have done is one of the ways to get trust from the public.

Here are some things you can do to get the people online:

  1. Stop-look-listen. Sounds like you’re in traffic on the road, right? But the point here is, stop marketing. Look out your real targets and converse with them. Listen to their woes. You have to get close to them (prospects) if possible, build good relationships.  Don’t be too much aggressive. Always listen and know their interest.
  2. Be a friend, not a businessman. Provide possible solutions to their concerns even if it’s not related to your product. Until you’ll get a chance to share your product or service that will help them.
  3. Always offer for a help, not monetizing your help. Show how much you care for them. Don’t be obvious of leading them right away to your product when you know it’s not the right answer to their concerns.
  4. Provide the facts and its limitations. It won’t hurt you by telling what your product can do to them and what they can expect. Everything can be solved in a process. So, if you’re telling the people that your product will take effect in just a blink of an eye in one usage, they will know you lie.
  5. Deliver what you promise. Every detail you said will be remembered; therefore, if you promised for a discount then do it. If you promise just to get everybody’s attention, you’ll know what’s next, right? Negative comments always easily spread rather than the positive one.
  6. Be confident but not arrogant. Always prepare for sarcastic conversation but be confident enough to deal with it without sounding like an arrogant marketer.

Marketing may differ in platforms but the process is the same: building networks, building relationships with people, and get a positive reputation. If you succeeded those things, there’s no way you can’t succeed in sales. People come and go, but the real one who believes in you and turns in you out of criticism is rare to find. Therefore, cherish them, do what you can to keep them.