Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Good customer support and quick action leads to business success

How many businesses succeeded because of loyal employees and customers are there to support the business? The support received from the customers patronizing the products and services because the management is good enough to know what people need. The support received from the employees working together to achieve each others goal.

I remember purchasing a product online and I was stumbled of their tagline “100% customer support and immediate response”. I browsed over their offers and it was okay but I had to email first their support to ask more details before to purchase. My excitement turned disappointing because after hitting the send button, it appeared “thank you for contacting support, you’ll get back the response within 24 hours. I wonder where the quick response was. It was urgent for me and I was expecting of an hour or 2 for a response. There was no immediate response, as I say. It came in 20 hours. I was no longer interested so I turned down the offer and instead, went to a different site.

So that’s it. What I am trying to tell you is that, never disappoint customers. It should have been better to say “please wait for (a certain hour) or until the representative is available, they will contact you shortly” rather than a plain ‘immediate response’. Why not ‘as quick as an hour’ or ‘in few minutes”?  With that, people will not expect of as quick as a minute or a second. How about, if it was a problem regarding the product, had I needed to wait 24 hours or so before the problem could resolve?

Here’s another one, telling this captivating words “If you experienced difficulty regarding the products you’ve purchased, please contact our email support immediately. Our staff would be glad to get back to you as soon as they can or you may connect to our live chat support online 24/7”. I went to their live chat support and disappointed again as it appeared “sorry, there’s no chat agent online now, you may leave a message and they will get back to you after 5 hours”. I opted to email support and the same thing happened. Now, what can you expect with that support? Would you consider that quick if you have to wait for them for how many hours? They should have not said 24/7 if the customer would need to wait 5 hours after the contact. Imagine if the service is always like that, and you have to wait for longer hours before the problem is solved. Would you still consider of their other offers? Would you still choose their company or service?

Poor customer support would lose potential and existing customers. Never tend to expect customers if you can’t do it. An honest tagline or response would be highly appreciated rather than a tagline pretends perfect. Express honestly what you can do and not; never afraid to people if they know your company’s limitation. After all, humans aren't perfect. If the support can answer at GMT (time) or whatever then it should be clearly stated rather than letting customers expect. This article isn't targeting a certain company but rather to let people and businesses know how customer’s expectations are important. It would create a negative impact to the company if customer’s expectations weren't met in the first place.

It’s not millions of tricks that a business could survive neither a promise for people to stay. Let people praise your business rather than saying “our company is number 1 and great among businesses and runs for how many years”. All businesses would say that, and if we are going to judge on how they talk, well, we’ll be blind of their lapses. People would praise your company if they received more than they expect, and in return, people will bring another prospective customer (through refers).

Business shouldn’t care only for business. Think money more and people would leave you. Think people more and money will come to you.