Friday, March 6, 2015

Business and personal risks on any social networks

Since technology has evolved, the number of fraudulent activity over the internet has grown too. The people involve collects information to targets. Once successful, the account will be used to target others account too. For example, hackers use their target’s facebook account to target others. The site has the largest community and has personalized feature that users can fill in their real information, updating activities that put hackers to use the target’s activity.

Let us put the old news as an example; timesonline warned facebook users to be vigilant of putting personal information in detail especially contact information. This called the attention of social network users to minimize the updates of personal activities. Such personal information and activities will be used for stealing bank accounts or worst scenario, murder.

Any social network accounts can be a target by not just hackers but to some who has a grudge on you as well. Anyone can buy software to crack any passwords. This will be very easy to someone who has a strong will to do. Like someone who was reported from previous years that a guy bought software to hack a facebook and email passwords to spy a partner. Although that guy admitted that software was a big help to him, it isn’t always a guarantee to use for good reasons. One maybe tempted to commit crime by stealing financial accounts, or selling others personal information to informant. It is therefore concluded that it has never been safe to put sensitive or personal information on any sites that one can access to. 

How to be safe?

  • Never click any links on your timeline or inbox message when you’re not familiar of the sender.
  • Always ask first the sender if what the link is about.
  • Install your computer a protection that can block potential dangers (phishing sites, malware, stealing stored cookies on the browser, etc).
  • Beware of downloading free software that asked you to use any of your social network account to login.
  • Do not use the same passwords on all social networks you joined in.
  • Make the safest and longer password by combining the letters, numbers, special characters, lower and upper keys. (This way, even hackers are using software to crack your passwords, it will be very difficult.)
  • Never give hackers or a criminal a clue of your future activities.
  • If found any suspicious activity on the internet, please report to the internet police right away on this site listed contacts for reporting illegal activity.